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Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm PST
look at it, it's freedom of speech. >> the reverend marcia dyson, and the president of the national urban league on the fresh bigotry of supposed post-racial america. >>> with three days left before the start of the new year, it's put up or shut up time for congressional leaders. president obama addressed reporters from the white house this evening. roughly an hour after meeting with leaders of the house and senate. >> i still want to get this done. it's the right thing to do for our families, for our businesses, and for our entire economy. but the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. >> senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell were back at the capitol in no time. mcconnell gathered his members to inform them of the work that needs to be done. >> we had a good meeting down at the white house. we are engaged in discussions, the majority leader and myself and the white house, in the hopes that we can come forward, as early as sunday, and have a recommendation, that i can make to my conference and the majority leader can make to his conference, so we'll be working hard to
Comedy Central
Dec 3, 2012 10:00am PST
? (cheers and applause) well, the congressional black caucus representative marcia fudge-- that's right, you heard me-- (laughter) marcia. (laughter) actually, congresswoman fudge is one of our nation's most hardworking and i can only assume delicious congress people. (laughter) she had a theory about ambassador rice. >> any time something goes wrong they pick on women and minorities. >> come on now! >> i have a real issue with that. susan rice's comments didn't send us to iraq and afghanistan. >> uh-huh! >> well -- >> somebody else's did. i'm probably not the most educated person in this house. >> you're an attorney. >> but i'm close. just go on and hate on. but look in the mirror and hate yourself, not the people who do this work. thank you. uh-huh! >> jon:oooh! (cheers and applause) first of all, why isn't every press conference like that? (laughter) a press conference infused with life and emotion. she just turned the house of representatives into tyler perry's "house of representatives." (cheers and applause) the only problem is -- the only problem is i think they might be wrong. >> uh-
Dec 22, 2012 9:00am EST
under the name marcia music and i write a lot about detroit and i noticed that in your dialogue with one another a little bit ago that you seemed to me both of you, and perhaps based on your relationship with the media here to be trapped in some kind of crime for tax and seems to be a rabbit hole and you are going down because i have no doubt that this book probably has a great many more stories other than about the crime issue. do you find it to be very hard to avoid that matrix as the only interesting thing to say about the city? >> i think there are lots of other interesting things about the city but as someone who has lived here more time than i have lived anywhere else i also say crime is a very big part of our lives here. no matter where you live or who you are, i worry every day because some of you who may read the paper know the my street lights have been out for good long time. i worry about my wife and kids walking from the garage to our building every day because the lights are out and that is dangerous. you can get too caught up in it. it doesn't define my life but it does gi
FOX News
Dec 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
were in that emergency meeting. congressman allen west and congresswoman marcia westburn. congressman west, let me begin with you. i wanted this from the beginning because the house already passed their bill that would have extended the bush tax cuts for everybody. i would have preferred they go forward if they needed to pass it again. what happened there today? >> the most important thing, speaker boehner realized he did not have the votes and he did the pragmatic thing to say, we have acted and frozen the rates in place and we have taken action with a spending cut bill, passed tonight that would stave off sequestration for a year. so the most important thing, sean, is that we have to look to senator harry reid and president barack obama and they have to own this economy, the debt, the deficit, the failures we have seen and we can't look to us. we have done regular order. we passed legislation and good policy. now the ball is in their court. >> sean: congresswoman, your reaction? would you have voted for it? >> no, i would not have. allen's exactly right. we passed the tax extender b
Dec 8, 2012 12:00am PST
. margaret warner looks at what's at stake with marcia coyle of "the national law journal." >> brown: hari sreenivasan reports on the threat to the shellfish industry from coast to coast, as ocean temperatures rise and the waters are more acidic. >> this is a very dramatic change that has not been seen in the worlds oceans for more than 50 million years. >> woodruff: mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> brown: and gwen ifill sits down with michael beschloss, whose recent foray into the twitter-verse has opened up a new way to view history in the digital age. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: more people found work in november and more people stopped looking for work. as a result, the number of new jobs came in better than expected today and the rate of unemploym
Dec 5, 2012 6:00am PST
republican marcia blackburn. let me start with you. explain where things stand with this discharge petition. how many signatures you need and whether those signatures need to be public or can they be anonymous. walk me through the process? >> they're online as of now, chuck. 151 signers on it. >> 218, right? >> need 218. we represent 650,000 people each. believe it or not we don't disagree on frpg. we're trying to find common ground. i'm one of the people who said, yes, there's going to have to be changes made across the board. i have an agricultural but that was back in august. it's time to compromise. i'm willing to give, fight that and come back and fight another day to make sure the greater good is done. yes, i don't think it was perfect at that time. i certainly don't believe any bill leaves here perfect. >> he sounds like the conservative columnist in "the washington post." sounds like tom cole, oh, oklahoma republican and a conservative. this is the best of bad options. do this and live to fight another day on everything else. where are you on this issue? >> well, and where i am is i
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
, reverend marcia dyson and marc morial, president and ceo of the national urban league. mr. morial, mayor, let me turn to you, sir. where are we heading as a country when we see this kind of conflagration along the front of american race? >> it's nothing new. i mean, let's look at the fact that perhaps social media and media attention has given more visibility, if you will, and transparency to what you may have read on graffiti walls or heard in private conversations. that's number one. number two, there's been a reaction to the rise of president obama, an ugly reaction, resentful reactions. but let's understand, we just had an election, and the president got re-elected for the second time. which says that a majority of the american people are not swayed nor influenced by that sort of sick and sadistic thinking. what i prefer to focus on is not simply that, but the underlying disparities, the previous segment on violence, and the need for jobs for young men of color and people of all colors, in urban communities. which is, i think, the more appropriate thing for us to discuss when we talk
Dec 16, 2012 10:00am PST
pantries. marcia florkey directs the church's outreach ministry called "new path." >> we've been really blessed because we have a lot of folks here who are really concerned about their neighbors, who really want to do all they can do to love their neighbors. >> in recent years, several international humanitarian organizations have been sponsoring projects to help others at christmas time. for example, through operation christmas child, samaritan's purse urges people to pack shoe boxes of gifts for needy children. since 1993, the group says it has delivered more than 100 million boxes around the world. now, more local churches are also calling for a new, more spiritual look at christmas gift-giving. >> come and experience the joy and peace of christ- the perfect gift at christmas. merry christmas. >> the roman catholic archdiocese of washington has an initiative called, "find the perfect gift." the united methodist denomination has launched a million dollar campaign called "reclaim christmas." in lake junaluska, pastor chuck wilson wanted long's chal toe part oit. >> we know that we're n
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
happened people without ties to india>> marcia poole, protestor: india has tolorated the rape of women for so long now that the police actually, >> reporter: the group presented a petition to the consulate saying more needs to be done to stop violence against a representative accepted the petition and gave a the incident. he said a established to investigate >> n.p. singhand: we are confident that the incident will prove to be a turning point. efforts are being made to bring the guilty to justice in a speedy way. despite the words coming san franciscomany are worried that nothing will change in india. >> reporter: i'm jeff bush in san >> catherine: still ahead. new charges tonight in a brutal home invasion crime in san francisco when a couple was bound. gagged. also - police are looking for a woman who pushed a man to his death in the subway. the second such incident in a month. >>> also four days and counting until we hit the fiscal cliff. the latest on today's talks on capitol hill. >> catherine: in bay area news. there are new charges tonight in a brutal home invasion crime in san
Dec 4, 2012 5:00am PST
drug court judge marcia beach, who loved me until i could love myself. she placed me in the sheriff's 90-day in-custody treatment program. the time there helped save my life. the last 30 days of the 90 days i did something i had never done before in my entire life: i made a plan. today, i'm an intern for we are the world's largest recovery web site, with over 260,000 people worldwide sharing their experience, strength, and hope with each other, and it's powerful. today, i'd like to tell you that i'm an asset, not a liability. today, i'm a face and voice in and of recovery, and thank you for having me. (applause.) on behalf of the president of the united states, the national alcohol and drug addiction recovery month , there is a proclamation. i will not trouble you to read the four or five paragraphs that are in here, but i think that, when you do get to see it and you see it up on the white house web site, it is particularly impressive that-the way he and this administration want to deal with this problem. and we could not be more proud to be partners with all of you
Dec 30, 2012 6:30pm EST
para despachar una nave a territorio marcia no. >>> 2013 tambiÉn se implementan leyes que reflejan cambios drÁsticos en la sociedad. por u parte la corte suprema se pronuncia sobre el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo veredicto que promete acaparar titulares en el aÑo. vii estamos sÓlo a un dÍa de la celebraciÓn de aÑo nuevo y mientras en nueva york prueban el confetti en california voluntarios en carrera contrarreloj para el desfile de las rosas. >>> y terminamos en una ciudad mÁs frÍas de china en... donde desde 1985 se realiza el festival de hielo y luces sus visitantes disfrutan de rÉplicas de estructuras famosas ahÍ participan mil escultores de hielo. los organizadores entregan premios a las 5 mejores esculturas. serÁ hasta el 5 de enero con esto llegamos al final los espero mÁs adelante.
FOX Business
Dec 21, 2012 1:00pm EST
watch. tennessee congresswoman marcia of blackburn is one of many republicans refusing to support plan b. she will join tracy byrnes and ashley webster next on fox business. you don't want to miss it. tracy: i am tracy byrnes. ashley: i am ashley webster, no progress on the fiscal cliff, take a look for yourself, the dow off by 147 points. tracy: plan b bill failed to win support. republican congresswoman marcia blackburn is one of the republicans flatly against any tax hikes and with this in a moment. ashley: student loan debts tracking a trillion dollars to help borrowers but would it make the problem even worse? that is a question we will be asking straight ahead. tracy: time for stocks every 15 minutes. on the floor of the stock exchange, under 135 points, we have a lot going on today. nicole: where is the good news? when getting economic numbers we have gotten in over the last few days we are seeing a little bit better but the big picture is when you talk about 10% for moves in economic numbers, that is clearly overshadowed by washington and not getting these things all and the fisc
Dec 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
and with an estimated 30% of the treatments having no meaningful impact. >> ms. klish, it's dr. byock. >> marcia klish is either being saved by medical technology or being prevented from dying a natural death. >> we're just here checking on you. >> she's been unconscious in the intensive care unit at dartmouth hitchcock medical center in lebanon, new hampshire, for the better part of a week. one of her doctors, ira byock, told us it costs up to $10,000 a day to maintain someone in the icu. >> this is the way so many americans die. something like 18% to 20% of americans spend their last days in an icu. and, you know, it's extremely expensive. it's uncomfortable. many times they have to be sedated so that they don't reflexively pull out a tube, or sometimes their hands are restrained. this is not the way most people would want to spend their last days of life. and yet this has become almost the medical last rites for, you know, people as they die. okay, let's go see her. >> dr. byock leads a team that treats and counsels patients with advanced illnesses. >> hello, there. >> he says modern medicine has b
Dec 30, 2012 3:00pm PST
for stopping this fiscal cliff business. we are going to speak to a republican lawmaker in a moment, and marcia blackburn and in the meantime, you are watching the speciacoverage here on cnn and don lemon and me and our colleagues in washington. we will be right back. s with adding a friend, ♪ ♪ could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on. offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> as republicans and democrats are at an impasse, both sides are blaming each other, and the markets will open up by the way in asia in the next couple of hours and you might start to see a reaction, but although, i don't know what they have to react to, but our own markets will open in 14 hours from now here in the united states. maybe they will react to something, too, but my point is that congress could ruin a good economy. for perspective, we will talk to a republican from tennessee, representative marcia blackburn. thank you for being with us. >> good to see you, yes. >> i know we have talked about this many times and indi
Dec 4, 2012 1:00am PST
a prosecutor's perspective? the former los angeles deputy district attorney, marcia clark, author of "guilt by degrees" joins me now. you just heard mr. zimmerman's attorney, mr. o'mara, saying if that high resolution photo had been released on day one, at least in the court of public opinion, it would be a very different picture of his client. do you agree? >> not really. i cannot say that i think it's such a big game changer. we did see the black and white photograph. it's not as detailed, of course, as is the one that shows actual color, and the blood as well. i agree with that. but we did see photographs as you've shown of the back of the head, we saw him with the police in their custody immediately after, we could see the cuts to the back of his head, we could see the blood there, we could see there was some kind of injury to the front of the face. this does certainly corroborate his claim that there was a confrontation between them, that there was a violent struggle. i don't think even the trayvon martin's family attorney would disagree there was some kind of confrontation between the
Dec 14, 2012 7:00pm EST
was working full-time and attending indiana law school at night and that didn't leave much time for marcia in to enjoy the amenities of indianapolis. but frankly, they were very few to enjoy that particular time. it was then that her newly elect a mayor began a remarkable transformation of indianapolis into it now has become one of the most attract david livable cities in america. as mayor, dick lugar worked carefully with the indiana general assembly, then governor would come to extend the boundaries of the city and merge indianapolis and marion county to provide common essential service is more efficiently, a concept that called unit of. unit of wasn't without conversely because of dick lugar's vision, careful negotiations and decisive action, indianapolis became a model for other cities across the nation. when the law took effect in 1970 indianapolis population rose from 476,000 to 783,000. moving from the 26th largest city to one of the nation's dozen large cities literally overnight. why didn't the numerous positive changes in indianapolis over the past 40 years, i see the fulfillment
Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm PST
. >> marcia poole, protestor: india has tolorated the rape of women for so long now that the police actually, don't listen to the girls. >> reporter: the group presented a petition to the consulate saying more needs to be done to stop violence against women in india. a representative accepted the petition and gave a brief statement regarding the incident. he said a special commision has been established to investigate the horrible crime. >> n.p. singhand: we are confident that the incident will prove to be a turning point. efforts are being made to bring the guilty to justice in a speedy way. thank you. >> reporter: despite the words coming from the consulate here in san franciscomany are worried that nothing will change in india. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. >> catherine: the men accused in that assault will reportedly now be charged with murder. still ahead at eight. the new arrest and charges filed in a brutal san francisco crime. during which a couple was bound. gagged. and left for dead. plus. the bill one state senator introduces. in an effort to put the brakes on r
Dec 7, 2012 10:30am PST
. delores mcgee, margaret gray, marcia, karen, joan, mira, janice, jennifer walsh, fudyjud, candice. are you in the room or are you busy in the other spots? if you are here, please stand up. and a round of applause. [applause] so, all of these folks are listed in your book, and you all have nametags and so do they. as you go out throughout the day, if you see any of these people, i really encourage you to thank them for all the work they have done because it has been an enormous amount of work to a poll today off. but there are two people that i want us to single out for today's event. that is marie jopling and judy otto. [cheers and applause] you know how you read in the paper about most famous folks in technology? there are those names, right? those companies and those names we read about every day. but we should all hope for having one of those famous people in our lives, and that is to marie and judy really are. these other two women who i think single-handedly moved me into social networking, kicking and fighting the hallway. because i was not born into technology. i really had to be dr
FOX Business
Dec 14, 2012 1:00pm EST
that people are not talking to fox business? we are headed to congresswoman marcia some state next. lori: to just forget that this bill clinton go shopping. the fiscal cliff causing shoppers tisch cut back. russian before we falloff. you know this stuff. all that fancy decorated expensive pottery. this ceo of the company on the state of luxury next. what's next? he's going to apply testosterone to his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; wo
Dec 18, 2012 7:00am EST
wartz will talk about gun control in the house legislative agenda. later, we hear from marcia howard from the federal funds information for states. she will discuss the impact of possible sequestration of the states. "washington >> mr. president, i rise with real heavy starter. our friend dan just died. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioned by the national captioning institute] >> a democrat of hawaii, a highly decorated wofford war two combat veteran and the second longest senator in history died on monday. the senate passed a resolution naming patrick leahy as new president pro temps, the third in line to the presidency. good morning, everyone, on this tuesday, december 18, 2012, as senators say goodbye to their longtime colleague yesterday, they will be welcoming a new senator from the state of south carolina. and tim scott has been tapped to replace jim demint. and the papers reporting progress being made about the so-called fiscal cliff talk. first, we return to the tr
Dec 3, 2012 7:00pm PST
to be the bottom line. >> marcia clark, thank you so much. >>> a community still coming to grips with the murder-suicide involving nfl linebacker javon belcher. now the family of his girlfriend who he killed speaking out. what they're saying about this tragedy next. ♪ ♪ ♪ why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. so, the 5.3-liter v-8 silverado can tow up to 9,600 pounds? 315 horsepower. what's that in reindeer power? [ laughing ] [ stops laughing
Dec 3, 2012 10:00pm PST
was the aggressor. that's going to be the bottom line. >> marcia clark, thank you so much. >>> a community still coming to grips with the murder-suicide involving nfl linebacker javon belcher. now the family of his girlfriend who he killed speaking out. what they're saying about this tragedy next. capella university understands businesses are trying to come back from rough economic times. employees are being forced to do more with less. and the need for capable leaders is greater than ever. when you see these problems do you take a step back, or do you want to dive right in? with a degree in business from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to go further in your career than you ever thought possible. let's get started at but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and r
FOX Business
Dec 19, 2012 1:00pm EST
california john -- we were supposed to be joined by republican congresswoman marcia blackburn. she couldn't make it and all sorts of things going on behind closed doors when it comes to get something done. thanks for being with us. you have said that you are willing to make sacrifices. does that include reforms to entitlement programs? >> there is room for reforms but you don't need to throw seniors of of the fiscal cliff to achieve those. there are very significant savings available in medicare from the drug prescription issues, the issues of how you pay for medical services, fraud and abuse, on and on, all of which the president put on the table and we ought to take those but you don't throw seniors off of the cliff by changing the age to 67. that is bad public policy, bad for seniors and doesn't save money. tracy: we don't have to do for our existing seniors. for people like me, you could raise it easily to even 70 at this point and save the country lot of money. >> you wouldn't save much money because your cost when you get to 65 is going to be part of the health care system with thei
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am PST
to a woman. i asked your colleague marcia blackburn about this and she said, look, we haven't had a lot of women in congress for a long time, it's a seniority issue, we have people who are coming up through the ranks in local offices, we need to get them in congress. is what we're seeing with the republicans just a matter of they need to get more women in there longer or is it something else? >> oh, i think it's something else. our democratic caucus reflects america. in fact, we have the first majority/minority caucus in the congress for the first time. we represent not just women, we represent african-americans, we represent hispanics, we represent asians, we represent wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and that's why when we approach issues on appropriation like education and health care and building in infrastructure, rebuilding our schools, dealing with the environment, our perspective is absolutely essential. so you may have women in congress, a couple, but what really matters is to have women at the table so that our perspectives, our lifetime of experience can be reflected in the
Dec 6, 2012 8:00am PST
.m. eastern time. congresswoman maxine waters will be here, marcia blackburn, jared bernstein and ron insana. ben labolt and hogan gidley. "now with alex wagner" comes your way next. ready bored. hmm, we need a new game. ♪ that'll save the day. ♪ so will bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet. the only one with trap + lock technology. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less. with the small but powerful picker upper, bounty select-a-size. a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a hear
Dec 15, 2012 12:00pm PST
. this is a photograph from facebook. and just a short while ago we also heard from his aunt, his aunt marcia lanza, about the family and this tragedy. let's listen to what she had to s say. okay. we will get that in just a little bit. chris jansing, thank you so much from newtown, connecticut. chris will be back here at 6:00 eastern to anchor special live coverage. our continuing coverage of the elementary school tragedy. i want to bring in investigator reporter jonathan dienst who has been following the story since the beginning and learning new details about the gunman and events that may have led to the shootings. what have we learned this afternoon so far? >> we are getting clarity about, you know, initial ticktock and now questions whether the mom who you saw the photo a moment ago, whether she had any connection of the school, aunt out in illinois, questioned. she had disputes with the school board and -- school district and that's why she took her son out and did some home schooling as the claim from that aunt in the distance. unclear if she ever worked at that school as was initially relea
Dec 22, 2012 11:00am PST
'll get another perspective from marcia blac blackburn, stick around for that. >> the only way to keep a monster from killing our kids is to invest in a plan of absolute protection. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >>> all right. we heard that a little bit earlier. three more first graders will be laid to rest today in connecticut. two in connecticut, one in utah, just one week after the tragedy at sandy hook elementary. 26 were murdered including six adults at the school, and you just heard wayne lapierre speaking in response to the shootings and it didn't take dia dianne feinstein to fire back at the nra. >> there were two armed lauchl officers who twice engaged the shooters at columbine. that didn't prevent 15 from being killed and 23 wounded. >> joining me now, congressman, an accidental shooting left him confined to a wheelchair since he was 16 and congressman, you were with us last week and thanks for coming back. >> thank you, richard, for having me on the program. >> so you saw what lapierre said. what do you think about his plan itself a
Dec 12, 2012 4:00am PST
they think boehner should step away from the negotiating table. we'll talk to tennessee congresswoman marcia blackburn about that. >>> a viewer writes to a black meteorologist saying she needs to grow hair or wear a wig. it's not something i think looks good on tv so she responded on facebook very nicely said something at the end "have a nice day," got her fired. we'll talk about her story, when we return, in just a moment. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. >>> seeing some actual movement this morning in talks to avoid the fiscal cliff, both sides exch
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
. and me to that did not leave much time foo marcia and i too enjoyed the amenities of indianapolis.e .. very few to enjoy at that particular time. it was then that our newly elected mayor began to remarkable transformation of i understan
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
the house legislative agenda and ways to avoid the fiscal cliff. and after that, marcia howard on the impact sequestration could have on the streets. plus your e-mails and phone calls and tweet. >> c-span asked viewers for their reaction on school shooting in vermont undreamt connecticut. >> people kill people. guns do not kill people if the people that use them. >> i understand that the second amendment was put in place. i am quite sure that this country was not thinking about assault weapons and things like that. >> this boy, this man of 20 or so, he did not have a solid father figure in his life, which he should have. there is so many of that going on in the country today. it is disgusting. >> i am a former psychiatric nurse. i saw ronald reagan close all the hospitals in california and the mental institutions and there is just not enough done for the mentally ill. i am getting rid of my guns. my husband was a police officer, and i am betting that i don't have the need for his guns and i don't think it worked very well for the teacher either. >> the whole problem is if you study all of th
Dec 18, 2012 1:00am EST
legislative agenda and ways to avoid the fiscal cliff. after that, marcia howard of the federal fund for states talks about the impact that sequestration could have on states. plus you're e-mails, phone calls, and tweets. 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> today, defense secretary leon panetta speaks of the national press club. secretary panetta who visited afghanistan last wednesday will discuss defense policies and the challenges facing the u.s. military. this starts live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. monday, the 18 members of ohio costa electoral college cast their electoral votes for president barack obama and vice president joe biden. former ohio gov. ted strickland also served as a presidential elector spoke about the election and the recent school shooting in connecticut. president obama won ohio with 50% of the popular vote over mitt romney who received 48%. this is the 53rd meeting of the ohio and electoral college since statehood in 18 03. courtesy of the ohio channel, this is 40 minutes. >> this is the 53rd meeting of the ohio electoral college. i would like to thank all o
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Dec 23, 2012 9:00am PST
the house budget committee marcia blackburn joins us now. congressman thank you for joining us. >> sure. >> before we get underway, i would love to play for you. play for you right now the president's words just before he departed on his hawaii vacation. here he is. >> so as we leave town for a few days to be with our families for the holidays, i hope it gives everybody some perspective. everybody can cool off. everybody can drink some eggnog and have some christmas cookies and sing some christmas carols and enjoy the company of loved ones. >> and then, congressman, just after he said that senator jeff sessions of alabama said this, and i shall quote, president obama today gave another speech about the fiscal cliff, no plan, nothing that can be scored or analyzed, just another speech. if president obama wishes to avoid the fiscal cliff then he with all of the power and influence he holds as the leader of this nation must submit to congress in legislative form a plan that he believes can pass both chambers of congress with bipartisan support. no more secret meetings and pointless press c
Dec 21, 2012 7:00am PST
. >> tax cuts go of all americans. >> wondering when wall street was start to react to know bill and marcia. today's the day. there is a rally for much of the week. >> >> in other business news a instagram has abandoned wording in its new term aa service agreement that sparked an outcry from a huge concern it migmeant their clothes could appear in advertisements. >> the popular mobile photos sharing service says it is reverted to language in the advertising section of its terms of service that appeared when it was launched in october 2010. >> instagram is now owned by facebook and maintains that would like to experiment with different forms of advertising to make money. >> it is block post says that it would now ask his permission to reduce possible and products only after they're fully developed. >> the time now is 712. >> thanks for waking up with kron 4 morning news. a us take a peek at travelers heading over the golden gate bridge. >> it is moving well on the deck. a little bit wet there. it does not look like it's pouring. to the north showers have begun up in marin county. we will be
Dec 29, 2012 7:00am PST
as well. >> marcia poole protestor ... >> the group presented a petition to the consulate to stop violence against women in india. a representative accepted brief statement regarding the incident. he said a special commision has been established to investigate the horrible crime. n.p. singh and, we are confident that the incident will prove to be a turning point. efforts are being made to bring the guilty to justice in a speedy way. thank you.> despite the words coming san franciscomany are worried that nothing will change in india. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. >> with new laws. that you should know. our roof camera. brown says he's excited for with the new year - california will be getting akron four's philippe djegal highlights a few of them. and a reminder. snap-on her >> and also, a driver's license for illegals. some thousands of undocumented will be able to apply for a license this applies for those at the federal program of supporting illegal immigrants that came to th
Dec 19, 2012 10:00am EST
of the c.b.c. by marcia fudge from ohio. like emanuel cleaver, a leader of conscience, a leader of great ability and a leader who will reach out to all of us as well and continue to lead this organization that we know is the conscience of the congress. as we talk about creating jobs, as we talk about caring for one another, as we talk about makinging life better for all americans, there is no more compelling voice than the congressional black caucus towards that end. and there has been no compelling voice than that of my friend, emanuel cleaver. emanuel, i expect your leadership to be enhanced as the days go by, but you have shown us an example of how one can serve with dignity, with grace and with effectiveness. thank you. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from arizona, mr. quayle, for five minutes. mr. quayle: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise today to thank the people of the third congressional district of arizona who put their trust and faith in me to represent them in the 112th congress. the people of our distr
Dec 12, 2012 12:00pm EST
-time and attending law school, indiana law school, at night and this didn't leave much time for marcia and me to enjoy the amenities of indianapolis. but, frankly, there were very few to enjoy at that particular time. it was then that our newly elected mayor began to remarkable transformation of i understan--of indianapolis whice one of the most attractive and livable cities in america. he worked with the general asystemmably, then-governor ed whitcom to merger the governments of indianapolis and marion county to provide common, essential services more efficiently, a concept then called "unigov." it wasn't without controversy because of dick lugar -- but because of dick lugar's vision, careful negotiations and decisive action, indianapolis became a model for other cities are across the nation. when the law took effect in 1970, indianapolis' population rose from 476,000 to 793,000. moving from the 26th-largest city to one of the nation's dozen largest cities literally overnight. when i think of the numerous, positive changes in indianapolis over the past 40 years, i see the fulfillment of the
Dec 1, 2012 9:00am PST
have a woman problem? we are going to talk to a republican congresswoman. her name is marcia blackburn. she called out her own party on their leadership picks this week. apparently not many of their committee chairmen are women. in fact only one is. and we will take you live to egypt, tel aviv and mexico for a jam-packed worldwide show, alex witt. >> looks like we have to buckle up. thank you very much, craig melvin. >>> straight ahead the big three on the fiscal cliff stalemate. who's going to blink first? you're watching "weekends with alex witt." many of my patients clean their dentures with toothpaste. i tell them dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why i recommend using polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. ♪ [ snoring ] [ male
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with anything. >> that was marcia lanza there. nbc's pete williams reports that investigators are looking into a report that someone went to sandy hook elementary school days before the shooting and then got into some kind of an altercation with staff members. investigators are looking into whether that person was indeed adam lanza. but police say that lanza forced his way into the school friday morning. he was not let inside voluntarily. we are also waiting for officials to release the names of those who died in the attack. that includes the 20 children and six adults killed at the school. >>> i'm going to check in again with msnbc's chris jansing in newtown for us. so we are awaiting that news conference. any word on when that might happen or police releasing other information in advance of it, chris? >> reporter: well, we know thought was scheduled for noon which was more than an hour and a half ago. now we're raising some questions about whether it will happen at all. this is the way it has been. you can imagine the confusion that is still going on as police are trying to piece togeth
Dec 17, 2012 8:00pm EST
and ways to avoid the fiscal class. after that, marcia howard of the federal fund information for states talks about the impact seek restoration could have on states. washington journal, live at tuesday at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> one of the things that surprised me, i did not conduct a nationwide survey of gun owners, but among people who own guns i talked with, very often reaction -- your way of thinking before and after you have a gun is very different. i think any law-abiding gun owner realizes when he or she has a gun, it is a huge responsibility. if you use this weapon irresponsibly or wrongly, you could get yourself into legal trouble and cause unnecessary misery and death, even, to people you did not intend to do harm to. it makes you very careful. it should make you very careful. for most people, it does. but i think it would make people more careful at the all have to pass some kind of a test. >> you have to do that before you can drive a car. >> and you do not always, before you get a gun. but the former new york times editor on the history of gun ownership and gun-cont
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